Differentiate yourself

Tell your story with illustration

Illustration can be a powerful way to make your company stand out from the crowd. It can help to describe what your company does and who you are, add too and bolster your existing brand identity. Working with product and service based companies, from startups to well established brands, I help to create an online personality that differentiates a company from it's competitors.

Multiple illustrations by Oli Lisher

Pictures speak louder than words

Communicate complex ideas

Using illustration and visual metaphor is a great way to communicate an idea, what your product does or how your service works. This could be as simple as an icon that immediately resonates with the viewer, or a more detailed illustration that describes the high-level idea behind a process. It could be something fun that adds a light hearted touch, or something more informative that educates the viewer. Communicating your message is key, illustration is a powerful tool in helping to achieve that.

Multiple illustrations by Oli Lisher

How it works

The Process

  1. 1

    Research and plan

    Research the company, it's goals and competitors, it's history and future, wrap our heads around what it's message is and what the project needs to achieve, based on the client brief. Come up with a concept that works for the company.

  2. 2

    Sketch & iterate

    Rough pencil sketches are the place to iterate and work through ideas. Try out various directions and start to hone in and nail down the general overall concept.

  3. 3


    By this point the high-level concept and general direction should be in place, it's then a case of deciding on a visual style to best represent the company, product or service. Shape, style and colours come next!

Multiple illustrations by Oli Lisher

use illustration to boost your brand

Let's get started!

I work with companies of all sizes, mostly in the area of technology and the startup sectors of San Francisco, New York and across Europe. I can help with iconography, on-boarding illustration, product explanation, character design and animation, combined with branding, UI, web and graphic design.

I'm always interested to hear about exciting new opportunities. Get in touch to discuss your project and find out how illustration combined with branding and web design could help you. See more of my work over on my portfolio and more in-depth reviews of recent work on my blog, or follow updates via Twitter and instagram.

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