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freelance website / graphic designer
& illustrator based in the UK


I have just finished working with New York based startup TriggerMail, on their new marketing site.

TriggerMail page designs

My main thinking for the site was to use a bright colour palette alongside illustration to describe the service TriggerMail offer it's customers, the relatively complex topic of triggered email for e-commerce websites. Although what goes on behind the scenes is complex, on the surface the service is actually a simple one - customers on your website are sent email related to their actions, the products they look at or buy.

Page Puppet web design Some of the illustrations I created to describe the TriggerMail process

TriggerMail is aimed at business owners as well as marketing managers from companies of all sizes. The site goes into enough detail to get across the benefits, as well as some of the high-level technical ideas behind what they do. Using illustration to create metaphoric 'machines', helped me to explain the various processes in a fun way. Topics like automated email generation or dynamic prioritization, for example.

Page Puppet web design

The guys are currently working on turning my designs into code, the site should be live very soon. You can see more screens from this project in my portfolio.