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freelance website / graphic designer
& illustrator based in the UK

I recently had the great opportunity to design the new desktop app. Mixture is a great development tool aimed at designers and developers, it makes life working with front-end code so much easier. mac app Mixture MAC app

I used the branding and took influence from the look & feel already put in place by the very awesome Mr Mike Kus, who also gave overall art direction. The design needed to be simple and required a sidebar to house the various options on the left. The app sits on you desktop while you work and gives status updates on errors and to-do's.

I now use Mixutre all the time when working with code. If like me you are a designer and front-end dev, you should definitely give Mixture a try, it's an amazing tool for rapid prototyping with loads of cool features.

I also created a landing page to show off the new design and highlight some of Mixture's features when the new version of the app was released. You can see more screens from this project in my portfolio. home page