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Gotta Go Fast

Gotta Go Fast project

3d Character design

I worked with Gotta Go Fast on new branding, illustration, 3d character and marketing website design. GGF help find senior software engineers for companies who need to move fast.

Gotta Go Fast project

The guys at GGF suggested a really fun concept that immediately resonated with me for the overall direction of the brand... a turtle wearing a jetpack! We iterated through various sketches and 2d approaches, but in the end creating a full 3d character seemed the best route to take.

Gotta Go Fast web page

As we progressed, having the turtle use other vehicles to 'go fast' made sense. From skateboard to motorbike to flying car, as a representation of the needs of startups and how they can grow.

Gotta Go Fast vehicle illustration


We then incorporated the idea of the GGF logo as some kind of energy source, powering the various vehicles. A visual metaphor for how GGF's engineers can directly plug into your business.

Gotta Go Fast brand

Web design

The website landing page leads the viewer through GGF's main proposition, leading them through the simple steps to help startups to get going fast.

Gotta Go Fast home page

3d rendering process

The 3d character and vehicle design featured many iterations and hundreds of renders to test mesh, materials, layout and lighting options. Some of the steps in this process shown below.

Gotta Go Fast 3d renders

It was great fun working with the guys at GFF, given the creative freedom to work across multiple disciplines to come up with what is hopefully a memorable brand and experience. More to come! :)

Gotta Go Fast clay Close up 3d 8turtle character