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Chart Mogul

Recently I worked with Berlin based startup Chart Mogul to create branding, illustrations and a landing page for their new subscription analytics app.

Chart Mogul website

The process started when I came up with the idea of using a 'monster mogul' to represent the brand, in reference to the company name. I wanted to create memorable illustrations that added character and a little bit of fun to the brand.

To further evolve the idea, I decided the mogul and his monstrous colleagues could be operating an 'analytics machine' - a visual metaphor for the service that Chart Mogul provide.

I started out with rough sketches of the machine and monsters, and eventually created 3 different characters who are used to illustrate 4 main points about Chart Mogul's service, as well as the main banner illustration at the very top of the landing page. In the final site each of the illustrations will be subtly animated to add an extra layer of interest.

Chart Mogul website

At first glance the overall subject matter of analytics for business could be considered a little dry, but I'm really happy with the approach I was able to take.

I'm really thankful that Chart Mogul let me run with my ideas and were really great to work with in general. It was loads of fun to take the approach I did and work on lots of detailed illustrations.

Chart Mogul website

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