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Adventures in 3d

For the past few years I’ve been exploring the 3d graphics program Blender. One of my favourite parts of working in design has always been learning how to use new software to achieve new illustration styles.

Gotta Go Fast character Various 3d illustrations

After completing lots of tutorials the next step was to try replicating a piece of my own work in Blender. I’ve always thought a monster themed design I worked on for ChartMogul back in 2014 would have worked really well in 3d. And I think it does!

Chart Mogul reimagined in 3d Chart Mogul re-imagined in 3d

Having worked mostly in 2d in the past, although sometimes using isometric effects in Illustrator and Photoshop, the full 3d world of Blender was a little daunting, but well worth the learning curve. If you’re familiar with vector graphics some of the thinking around vertices is kind of similar.

Chart Mogul 3d clay Chart Mogul 3d clay

3d characters and mascots

I love working on characters and company mascots, they add personality and memorability to any brand. Two of my favourites that I’ve created in recent years are the Mibex robot and Interseller space bear.

The original Mibex robot was created to live in an isometric world, highlighting the solutions and services showcased on the Mibex marketing site, so he was already easy to imagine in 3d. I especially enjoyed working on his rocket booster, experimenting with Blender’s particle system and lighting to make it look like he’s hovering.

Mibex robot 3d Mibex robot 3d

The space bear was a little more tricky to model, trying to imagine what his body would look like in 3 dimensions, rather than 2. The fun part came when working with the Blender material setting on the glass section of his helmet and various lighting setups and background stars, hinting at him floating in outer space.

Interseller Spacebear 3d Interseller Spacebear 3d

I've also recently worked with New York based Gotta Go Fast on project that included a fun turtle character and various vehicles. Read more about that project here.

Gotta Go Fast character Gotta Go Fast 3d

I’m already working on more 3d illustrations for upcoming projects, if you have a project you think 3d would be suitable for, Get in touch!.