14 Mar 2013

A new website

I've finally got around to designing a new version of my website, and this is it. It is still a work in progress, but is hopefully now a much more functional way to showcase my work and information.

New Lisher.net website

Since the last version of my site I've been lucky enough to work on lots of different design projects, not least working with start-ups like Coderwall and Pitchbox which have expanded my horizons quite a bit.

This site is now responsive and should work nicely at different browser sizes and on various devices. I built it using the very awesome Mixture, which makes life as a designer / front-end dev so much easier.

New Lisher.net website

I have a fair bit of new work to add, along with a number of older pieces that were hidden away on the hard-drive, and hinted at on various occasions on my Dribbble profile.

I also intend to blog a lot more, discussing technical process stuff (design, CSS, HTML5, etc) as well as my experiences working as a designer and front end developer.

Let me know what you think, or if you spot any bugs I would be really grateful if you would get in touch.